Official launch of NETALERT - the next-generation NDR (Network Detection and Response) solution, based on static analysis and AI/ML, developed by a Consortium consisting of Nextgen Software and the University of Bucharest.

Nextgen Software has launched NETALERT, an advanced cybersecurity solution of the NDR type, designed for real-time monitoring, analysis and response to network threats. NETALERT was developed in collaboration with the University of Bucharest, in a consortium that aimed to combine and enhance the R&D capabilities in the AI/ML field of academic specialists with the product development and operational efficiency capabilities gained by Nextgen Software in over 8 years of excellence in the cybersecurity domain.

The development of NETALERT was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, within the PN-III-P2-2.1-SOL-2021-0036 project “Automated tools for detecting abnormal behaviors in computer networks” from PNCDI III, having as contracting authority the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation. Thus, NETALERT is part of both the public strategy of the authorities and the business strategy of Nextgen Software, with a focus on innovation and the development of high-performance monitoring and protection tools for networks and information systems, in a period of increasing attacks and exploitation of existing network vulnerabilities.

The results of this project were publicly disseminated on May 9 to cybersecurity specialists from organizations interested in advanced network security tools and policies. The main functionalities and innovative elements of the NETALERT solution were presented by Paul Irofti, Principal Investigator in the project, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bucharest and Vlad Gladin, Researcher & Product Manager at Nextgen Software. The project team members presented on this occasion the latest technologies used and tested in various scenarios, to cover the specific security and protection needs of different types of organizations and companies.

NETALERT focuses on identifying a series of threats and sensitive points in the network, such as: connections with compromise indicators (IOC), behavior specific to APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) attacks with network-level detection, abnormal network connections, abnormal device behavior, lateral movement of malware in the network, brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, connections to TOR endpoints, failed DNS requests, Heartbleed-type exploits, connections with invalid SSL certificates, etc.

NETALERT can be implemented in different configurations, depending on the organization’s needs, either standalone or integrated with a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform. Thus, the alerts generated by NETALERT can be successfully transmitted to CYBERQUEST for centralized alert analysis and management. The synergistic integration of the two solutions developed by Nextgen Software (NETALERT and CYBERQUEST) provides organizations with protection against a wide range of cyber threats, contributing to maintaining compliance with information security regulations.

Find out more details about NETALERT here: Link to the data sheet.