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CyberQuest ™ Security-Driven Platform to Deliver Business and Operational Agility


Nowadays, companies are fighting against a torrent of data from their own networks. In such a complex technology environment, they need to reduce the security risk while handling disparate data sources that generate huge volumes of data. Light comes along with the adoption of new security technologies that can manage the information overload and unify all existing data sources across the organization. It is a fast and efficient platform for IT security investigation, with advanced capabilities for monitoring and investigating IT incidents in a highly intuitive graphic environment, with run-time analytics and fast returning reports, essential in real-time combating of fraudulent activities on National Critical Infrastructure and enterprise environments, across industries varying from cyber defence to telecommunications, healthcare, banking or insurance. CyberQuest proves that breaking the data silo barrier of today’s enterprise infrastructures is possible.

Adding Immediate Value

CyberQuest’s foundation is made of three solid building blocks: automation, operational intelligence, and machine learning. These are key for offering one single view over all events, data correlation, powerful analytics, multiple technology data collection and quick time to value. It provides the flexibility, scalability and real-time decision-making capabilities that are essential to companies in all industry sectors.

Business Value

1. Reduced investigation time by 10 times
2. Decision making support
3. Very quick time to value (standard initial deployment in less than a day)
4. Leveraging your existing security investment
5. Compliance to must-have regulations and standards (including GDPR – view brochure)

Full visibility &
powerful analytics

Anti-fraud & compliance

Fast deployment &
custom development

GDPR ready


Getting rid of the burden of manual processes by automating reports, alerts, business processes

Operational Intelligence

Detecting anomalies and threats to provide operational solutions in real-time

Machine Learning

Acquiring and leveraging behaviour patterns due to intelligent self-learning algorithms

Fast Deployment & Custom Development

Standard installation takes just a few hours. The solutions are fully customizable to meet the most specific business requirements.

Multiple Technology Data
Collection & Correlation

Collecting and correlating data from your entire infrastructure, SIEMs, security and business applications

Powerful Analytics for
Real-Time Decision Making

Context-sensitive intuitive dashboards for making informed decisions in real-time

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