New Partnership: CyberQuest and Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence

02 MAR 2018

CyberQuest Is Now Enriched with Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence to Provide Real-time Context and Enhanced Decision Making around Internal Communication Threats

The new partnership between CyberQuest and Proofpoint’s ET Intelligence brings customers an increased ability to detect internal threats as they happen, by getting predefined real-time alerts on high-risk activity. The integration with ET Intelligence helps prevent attacks and reduce risk by providing the historical context of the threats, the persons behind them, when have they attacked, what methods they used, and what they’re after. CyberQuest is directly connected to ET Intelligence actionable threat intelligence feeds, IPs and domains involved in suspicious and malicious activities. It immediately identifies if somebody within the company communicates to malicious IP addresses and domains. These IPs and domains are classified into over 40 different categories and each of them is assigned a confidence score, making it easy to identify and assess. All information about the Internet’s bad actors is updated on an hourly basis.

By accurately detecting the internal users that communicate with these malicious IPs and domains we are able to prevent companies from being vulnerable from the inside. This enhances CyberQuest’s value in watching the company’s communication with the outside world as it happens, in the most relevant, updated and visual manner.

CyberQuest is a revolutionary Big Data Security Analytics platform that gathers valuable data from multiple technology sources and empowers users to take actionable, critical decisions in real-time. CyberQuest relies on three powerful pillars: automation, operational intelligence, and machine learning. It eliminates manual processes by automating reports, alerts and business processes while detecting anomalies and threats to provide operational solutions in real-time in a self-learning environment.

Learn more about CyberQuest’s capabilities here and about Proofpoint ET Intelligence on the dedicated page:

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